The Best Sectors Hiring Disabled Employees

Sectors Providing Jobs For Disabled

Disables as  workers are getting shield against workplace discrimination since 1973. That was when the federal law came in via Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act. This act states that all government agencies and companies with federal contracts or links to federal income must work for the tech jobs for disabled. This is a workforce where 7% of employees are disable.

This was a starting point for progression in disabled-friendly job and workplace compensations.In many ways, some industries have made great progress in making roles more accessible. The problem is that there is still a clear divide between disable and able-bodied people when it comes to employment.

There has been a rise of jobs that are available to disable workers thanks to ongoing changes in disability laws, but more could be done. The most recent statistics from June 2016 show that Labor Force Participation is made up of 69% of people with disabilities and 20.6% of people with. The unemployment rate for people without disabilities is 4.8% while it is 12.1% of disable people.

Equality Is Still In The Balance, But Some Job Prospects Are Better Than Others

difficulty for Disabled

There are some factors that can limit a person’s ability to work. Some aren’t physically or mentally able, and there are still limitations within the workplace. Many disable people have the urge to get to work to support themselves and become a contributing member of society. But the jobs aren’t always there.

The employment firm Careercast compiles the lists of the best and worst jobs every year. They have made some interesting observations about the best jobs for disabled people. The jobs are rank base on income potential and growth. They also consider the aspects such as travel, stress and other factors that could have a negative impact on a disabled worker.

Medical And Tech Jobs Seem To Be The Way Forward In Accessible Career Options For The Handicapped

Medical and tech Jobs For Disabled

Two important sectors stood out after analyzing the best jobs regarding their growth, potential stress factors and the range of benefits for the roles for physically challenged employees.

Tech jobs are available involving computers and desk jobs, such as software design and IT support and systems analysts. They provide an excellent opportunity for workers with a range of disabilities. They don’t require a lot of movement. The screens can be adapt for the deaf and blind and people with social or emotional disorders get to work on a project without too much socialization.

The medical sector provide a host of opportunities in the role that are well-paid and on the rise, such as pharmaceutic sales and physician assistants. This is an area where the disability of the employee doesn’t simply fade into the background.

It becomes a potential asset. Many of these roles provide one-on-one assistance to disabled people as they struggle with their illness and rehabilitation. Disabled workers can offer an alternative insight into the stresses and difficulties that patients suffer. They can empathize more, and they can feel as though they are giving something back to the community.

These industries are leading the way as America still, struggles to close the gap in disabled employments and workplace discrimination. As laws strengthen and companies continue to see the potential of disabled employees, this list can only grow.

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